Proofreading Services

We at Trebon are trusted by hundreds of speakers, students, organisations, agencies and businesses nationwide

As professionals in language services, we proofread documents in English but also in multiple languages, to ensure they are grammatically correct and fit for the intended audience. We proofread and edit for small and large businesses. We also subtitle video, testimonials and presentations.

All our proofreaders are highly qualified and educated in many different subject areas and carefully trained to work on documents of all types. They are all native English speakers and are highly experienced.  They will scrutinise your assignments to make sure nothing is overlooked and to stay away from potentially embarrassing errors and misrepresentations of your projects. Our proofreading precision gives our clients a peace of mind.


Improving the sentence structure when needed It is crucial to understand the possible problems with the sentence structure so it can be corrected accordingly. For your documents to have the correct sentence structure we ensure the information within the sentence is clear and convenient. We make sure that grammar rules are followed. We check that active verbs and subordinate clauses are used.


Rectifying punctuation errors Our proofreaders are well trained to help you improve your documents and efficiently correct punctuation mistakes. From comma splices to misplaced semicolons, Trebon Language Solutions experts detect punctuation mistakes and fix them. We undertake your project from the beginning till the end.


Correcting formatting and referencing errors Many documents have mistakes due to poor formatting and references combined with others. Our professionals undertake your project to ensure that it is correct and in chronological order.


Correcting spelling mistakes Our proofreaders have the knowledge and expertise to correct the most cumbersome mistakes, with a high degree of accuracy and speed. They do all they can to improve your documents to meet the international standards.


Rectifying grammatical mistakes No one wishes to make grammatical mistakes, however, it sometimes occurs. if it happens, our experts have the tools to correct your mistakes and polish your document to perfection.


Guaranteeing one type of spelling (British,American) There are many differences between British and American English spellings. We ensure that your project has one type of spelling as requested by the client.


Ensuring the information flow and fluency are smooth and consistent It is important for your articles to have the information flow and fluency. One of the most effective ways to ensure the cohesion of your article is to organise the information flow by making sure it is smooth and expressive. Our proofreaders go through your documents thoroughly to see when there is a need to make the appropriate amendments or just to go with the flow.


Changing the paragraph order if guided Choosing the correct paragraph order is significant to the cohesion and information flow of your articles. We undertake to rectify that with a high degree of accuracy and punctuality.


Verifying the terminology Our experts verify the terminology used in your documents to ensure that the target terms have been used correctly. The translators use target terms from the termbase where suitable. They read and check your your terminology thoroughly.