Transcription services

Trebon Language Solutions Ltd offers Professional, fast and accurate transcriptions services to a wide range of industries, converting any speech into written form.

We respect and understand that if you are going to spend your money on getting transcriptions, you want to know that you are getting a quality service completed on time that’s why our highly experienced transcribers are professional in dealing with your subject matter to ensure the highest level of ¬†accuracy. Any subject matter is checked by at least two of our transcribers to make sure that we meet the required standards and that any transcription is grammatically correct.¬†we introduce solutions to produce Braille, Audio and Large Print Transcriptions.

We apply transcription to a variety of formats and types that our clients require using advanced technology to assist companies to look after they visually impaired clients. At Trebon we do our utmost to provide great transcription services to meet your up-to-date standards. All this can be done by our highly skilled transcribers who have long years transcribing services experience.

We are able to perform high quality transcription to meet your high standards. It is the skill of the transcriptionist that ensures that your transcripts are both accurate and well presented which is why we make it paramount that our clients receive only the best service from us.

Our qualified and experienced transcriptionists are specialised in the following fields:

Interviews transcription.
Academic interviews transcription.
Business meetings Transcription.
Focus group transcription.
Legal transcription.
Financial transcription.
Lectures, Speeches, Thesis and Dissertation notes Transcription.
Property transcription.
Medical transcription.
Insurance Claims Transcription.
TV transcription.
Conference Calls transcription.
Keynotes Transcription.Captions Transcription and much more.