Subtitling Services

Why would I choose Trebon for my subtitling needs?

Trebon Language Solutions provides both standard format translated subtitling service and native-language subtitling service for the deaf and partially deaf. We at Trebon apply the most advanced technology tools to ensure subtitles meet the highest technical and content standards. . Our subtitlers use the standard subtitling service to deliver your assignment to your specifications. Our advanced systems and our own technology and tools are tailored to help you access a wider audiences faster than ever before.

This service is used to provide a film or video program with on-screen text that converts the conversation in the audio file into subtitles. Subtitling service is for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. Furthermore, it assists people with foreign language backgrounds to understand the spoken dialogue.

We offer the finest quality subtitling services with very competitive rates in the market in any formats and types you need

We have a great team of professional and highly experienced subtitlers who are fluent in the target language. They are excellently skilled in the art of subtitling translation. They add subtitles to a wide range of contents. Our services enable our clients to assist their own clients who Lack the power of hearing or have impaired hearing. It also helps second language speakers to understand the spoken conversation.

We customize the type, space constraints, style and shape of the subtitles. We can offer your type of subtitles with your choice to meet your requirements. We offer various options in type size, text color and fonts, as well as background. We are able to perform high quality subtitling for the motion picture industry.